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Opensea - 六字箴言 Om ma ni pad me hum

六字大明咒 Six-character Daming Mantra


Six-character Daming Mantra is a six-sounding mantra. The six-character big bright mantra is six mantras that put light on. Corresponding to the light of the body, Giving, keeping the precepts, patience, diligence, meditation, wisdom, It also means the unity of heaven, earth and man, which is the combination of man and nature.

2021年的冬天,一位虔誠的歌手 夏雨 製作了六個版本的六字箴言。它們包含不同的音樂配置和風格。

Winter 2021 A devout singer Xia Yu Made six versions of the six-character proverbs They contain different music configurations and styles.



Each version only releases Designed to be suitable for permanent loop playback.

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